will coal mining come back

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  • How can we put coal miners back to work?

  • A simpler way to put coal miners back to work, then, may be to find them jobs in the oil or natural gas industry. But is that less radical of a change? Geographically, there isn鈥檛 major overlap between coal and natural gas jobs.

  • How many coal miners still work in the US?

  • In August 2016, fewer coal miners were employed in the US than anytime in modern history: just 48,600. A year later, little more than 50,000 miners are working, but the industry is still in dire straits-layoffs and mine shutdowns have led to rampant unemployment in West Virginia, Kentucky and Montana.

  • Why are out-of-work miners leaving California?

  • When there鈥檚 no geographic overlap, out-of-work miners are forced to relocate, which is burdensome. A state like California, Jordan explains, has almost no coal or natural gas reserves ( there鈥檚 only one coal-fired electricity plant in the state, and the state is cutting down on natural gas fueled ones), so utility prices are typically higher.

  • Are companies financing retraining for ex-coal miners?

  • And still short of a movement, companies financing retraining have been slowly popping up in coal country. The Chinese wind turbine manufacturer Goldwind wants to tap into ex-miners鈥?electrical knowledge and offer them training as wind technicians.

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