will coal mining come back

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  • Is coal power coming back in 2021?

  • U.S. coal power capacity peaked in 2011 at more than 317 gigawatts (GW), but steadily declined nearly 30% ever since, hitting a record high of 19.3 GW closed in 2015 and 13.1 GW closed in 2020. For context, coal鈥檚 share of U.S. electricity generation has plummeted from 50% a decade ago to less than 20% today. Then came coal鈥檚 2021 rebound.

  • Will trump bring the coal miners back?

  • At a rally in Charleston, West Virginia last May, Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump put on a 鈥淔riends of Coal鈥?hardhat and declared, 鈥淚f I win, we鈥檙e going to bring those miners back.鈥?/div>Why the U.S. Coal Industry and Its Jobs Are Not Coming Back

  • What is the future of coal in the world?

  • With its rapid decline in the United States and Europe, coal鈥檚 future will depend heavily on the small but significant group of countries 鈥?China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Philippines and Vietnam 鈥?that account for 70% of global coal consumption and most of the world鈥檚 new coal power projects.

  • Will global coal consumption return to its historic peak?

  • The global trend over the past decade shows that coal demand peaked in 2013, with a small rebound in 2017-18. Our analysis of markets, policies and technologies by country and fuel indicates that global coal consumption will not return to its 2018 levels in the coming years, which would make 2013 its historic peak.

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