will coal mining come back

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  • What happens to the land after a coal mine?

  • Across the US, two out of every three acres of reclaimed coal mines have been turned into some form of grassland, which regulators say is often disused. Only 18% was converted into farming, housing, industry or recreation, while 16% was left in a wilder state as forest or undeveloped land.

  • Is phasing out coal a good deal for the environment?

  • Phasing out coal can’t come soon enough for environmentalists who worked on Illinois new clean energy law. The Climate and Equitable Jobs Act is the best deal for people who care about the environment, Atty said.

  • Should you retrain to become a coal miner?

  • When you’ve got a mining family, a good living, people don’t really want to retrain. They believe they’re coal miners. I’ve heard so many of them say, ‘I’m a miner. That’s all I ever want to be,’ Lively said. But coal mining includes a whole lot of skills that they don’t usually give themselves credit for.

  • Is coal power coming back in 2021?

  • U.S. coal power capacity peaked in 2011 at more than 317 gigawatts (GW), but steadily declined nearly 30% ever since, hitting a record high of 19.3 GW closed in 2015 and 13.1 GW closed in 2020. For context, coal鈥檚 share of U.S. electricity generation has plummeted from 50% a decade ago to less than 20% today. Then came coal鈥檚 2021 rebound.

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