why is nuclear better than coal

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Nuclear energy is better than coal or oil for the generation of electric power on a larger scale because it ismore economical,more reliable,and has less effect on the environment.

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  • Is nuclear energy safer than coal energy?

  • Coal power is much more hazardous than nuclear power, but people seem to be unwilling to accept nuclear energy and continue to use less safe coal energy. The transportation of nuclear energy is extremely safe.

  • Why is nuclear energy the best source of energy?

  • Nuclear energy is the most concentrated source of energy currently available for use. The fuel to drive nuclear energy is also inexpensive, and nuclear energy creates the most compact waste of all the different types of energy. The major steps in the nuclear fuel cycle are as follows:

  • Why are nuclear power plants used more often than coal power plants?

  • Nuclear power plants are typically used more often because they require less maintenance and are designed to operate for longer stretches before refueling (typically every 1.5 or 2 years). Natural gas and coal capacity factors are generally lower due to routine maintenance and/or refueling at these facilities.

  • Should we be more reliant on nuclear energy?

  • About 30 percent of respondents favored increased reliance on nuclear energy, despite admitting the possibility of a serious accident. About 10 percent favored greater reliance on coal, while acknowledging the fossil fuel鈥檚 role in global warming. The strongest correlates of the two groups were socioeconomic status and race/ethnicity.

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