why is coal black in colour

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Carbon and tars are black becauselight that we can see cannot pass through, and light that hits the coal mostly does not get reflected. Instead the coal takes up the light and grows warmer. So we see very little light from the coal, and this makes it look black.

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  • Why is coal black in nature?

  • Why is coal black? Coal is fossilized lignin-rich plant tissues on the way to graphite, so it is worth observing what makes graphite black. Graphite absorbs across the entire visible and near infrared ranges, having a nearly wavelength-independent transmission of 1-蟺伪 per layer, where 伪=1/137 is the fine structure constant.

  • What is the color of coal?

  • It can range from pink to coal grey to black, depending on the breed. What is the Name of the physical property you would used to tell the difference between coal and snow? color What color is anthracite? Anthracite is a teal-grey color but can range anywhere from black, to blue to grey and green.

  • Why does coal have Dialkyl in it?

  • because the carbon dioxided in the coal and it has a type of substance that is in the coal body called the : dialkyl , arylmethyknene , and sulfonium What color you get when you mix red and black?

  • What happens when you burn brown coal?

  • When brown coal is burnt it releases a long list of poisonous heavy metals and toxic chemicals like sulphur dioxide, mercury, particulate matter and nitrogen oxides (environmentvictoria.org.au) Victorian (in Australia) brown coal has a high moisture content, containing more moisture than black coal 鈥?it can contain up to 70 percent water.

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