why is china so dependent on coal

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  • Is China changing its stance on coal heating with natural gas?

  • Due to domestic gas supply shortages in recent years, China has been softening its stance to displace coal heating with natural gas. China approved nearly $6.7 billion worth of new coal mining projects in 2018, and production increased 5.2% to 3.55 billion tonnes.

  • How much coal is used in China?

  • Most of the roughly 3.9 billion tons of coal consumed in China in 2018 was burned for power or heat. Coal is also used as a feedstock in several industries, including chemicals, iron and steel. [2] In 2018, coal accounted for 59% of primary energy consumption in China, according to official sources. [4]

  • What has the Chinese government done to reduce coal consumption?

  • [30] In December 2016, NDRC and the National Energy Agency issued the 13th Five-Year Energy Development Plan, which calls for coal consumption of no more than 4.1 billion tons and 58% of primary energy by 2020. [31] Throughout 2017, the Chinese government moved vigorously to convert coal heating to natural gas in many northern Chinese cities.

  • Is China鈥檚 coal demand falling?

  • While it could indeed be said that Chinese coal demand has been relatively flat for a few years now, importantly, it hasn’t been falling in the absolute sense. For production, China鈥檚 December coal output was 2.1% higher than it was in 2017, hitting the highest level in over three years .

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