why is china so dependent on coal

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But despite having a wealth of different energy sources 鈥?from (undeveloped) natural gas and oil to renewable sources like wind and solar 鈥?Chinaremains dependent upon coal for most of its power generation and heat.

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  • What drives the consumption of coal in China?

  • The main conclusions are as follows: Economic growth is the decisive factor in increasing coal consumption in China. The economic effect in all provinces produced an incremental effect; however, with the decline of economic growth rate, the contribution rate gradually decreased.

  • How does economic growth affect coal consumption?

  • Coal consumption is closely linked to economic activity and technological progress. On one hand, economic growth increases the demand for consumption of fossil fuels, especially coal ( Wolde-Rufael, 2010; Li and Leung, 2012; Bharracharya et al., 2015 ).

  • What is the most common energy source in China?

  • Coal is the most common and major energy source in China. According to BP Energy Outlook ( BP, 2018 ), coal consumption accounted for 28% of global energy consumption in 2017, of which 52% was consumed by China.

  • How much coal is used in the world each year?

  • The coal consumption increased from 1820.2 Mt (million tons) in 2005鈥?337.0 Mt in 2017. During this period, coal consumption increased at a rate of 83.3%, although the growth rate gradually decreased after 2012.

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