why does china use so much coal

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It鈥檚 very, very cheap

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  • How much coal does China produce?

  • China produced nearly four times as much coal as the second largest producer, the United States, which had a 12% share of global production. China has accounted for 69% of the 3.2 billion ton increase in global coal production over the past 10 years. The top 10 coal-consuming countries consumed 85% of the world’s coal in 2012.

  • Which country consumes the most coal in the world?

  • China is the largest coal consumer, accounting for 49% of the world’s total coal. The next largest, the United States, consumed 11% of the world’s total. China’s coal consumption increased by more than 2.3 billion tons over the past 10 years, accounting for 83% of the global increase in coal consumption.

  • Why is China building more coal-fired power plants?

  • China is allowing coal power plants to be built until around 2030 when China will be richer and replacement technologies will have advanced and their costs will be lower. Chinese state-owned utilities are building new coal-fired power plants, with their fleets set to expand about 10 percent by 2025.

  • How much electricity does China generate from fossil fuels?

  • In 2013, China generated 3,937 terawatthours from fossil fuel sources鈥揳bout 7 percent higher than in 2012. Because of China鈥檚 large amount of domestic coal reserves, coal will continue to lead the country鈥檚 power generation market.

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