who has the best coal in the world

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  • Which countries produce the most coal?

  • China, India, US, Australia and Indonesia make up the five leading coal producing countries in the world. Although coal power is increasingly looked at with disdain by much of the world for its contribution to harmful emissions, coal production actually increased globally by 1.9% in 2018.

  • How much coal is left in the world?

  • The world has proven reserves equivalent to 133.1 times its annual consumption. This means it has about 133 years of coal left (at current consumption levels and excluding unproven reserves). The world consumes 8,561,852,178 tons (short tons, st) of coal per year as of the year 2016.

  • How much coal did China produce in 2016?

  • As a result, China produced 3,242 MT of coal in 2016, dwarfing the world鈥檚 second biggest producing nation, India, which accounted for 9.7%, or 708 MT, of the world鈥檚 total in 2016. In 2015 coal accounted for half of global emissions, compared to just over a third in 1973.

  • Why is Australia the world鈥檚 leading coal exporter?

  • Broadly speaking, Australia鈥檚 position as one of the dominant countries in coal exports is expanding every year, which is mostly used for the steel-making industry in China.

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