where to buy coal in colorado

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  • Why shop coal online for pickup?

  • Shop Coal Online for Pickup or Delivery! 鈥?Upon customer request, all bulk coal can be oil treated at time of delivery to minimize any dust that might accumulate from drying while being stored. 鈥?We stock Premium high carbon, low ash anthracite from Lehigh Anthracite Blaschak Coal Corp.

  • How much do you sell your coal for?

  • For instance I sell top quality House Coal for $100.00 a ton very hot with low emissions and no rock. I also have stoker,anthracite,Bitumious, met, Black Smith, 2×0 coals. It should be noted there is people here paying less than $100 per ton for soft coal, you’re not going to get anthracite for $100 ton even if you ordered a train car full of it.

  • What happened to the coal power plant in Colorado?

  • The coal-fired plant is the economic engine of this city of 9,000 in northwest Colorado. The move by Tri-State Generation and Transmission threatened 300 jobs tied directly to the plant and over 400 more who worked for it indirectly, for instance as truckers or railroad workers.

  • Who owns New Elk Coal Company (NECC)?

  • Allegiance Coal has signed a binding agreement with Cline Mining to acquire complete ownership interests in New Elk Coal Company (NECC), which owns the New Elk hard coking coal mine in Colorado, US. The acquisition is conditional only on Allegiance raising the mine start-up capital. Credit: Maxwell GS.

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