where can i buy coal for blacksmithing

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  • Where can I buy blacksmith coal and Coke?

  • Centaur Forge offers a wide selection of bagged smithing coal and coke, including in bulk. Find blacksmith coal for sale at low prices, with shipping included in the cost. Unlike commercial coal, Centaur Forge offers high-quality blacksmith coal and coke, made specifically for forging use.

  • Where can I buy coal for a forge?

  • You can find coal for sale on Amazon. One Bituminous Coal 50 lbs package contains 50 pounds of 1鈥?to 3鈥?nugget coals. Blacksmiths Depot sells blacksmith coal, coke, and other forge supplies like high-carbon steel.

  • What fuel do you use in a blacksmith forge?

  • We offer Met-Grade blacksmith coal and coke fuel for your forge. Shop Blacksmiths Depot for coal, coke and other forge supplies like high carbon steel. Remember that these fuels light better on the side where air comes in. Lighting coke with a torch from the top may not always work.

  • Is charcoal good for blacksmithing?

  • Is Charcoal Good for Blacksmithing? Sometimes a bituminous or anthracite coal is not an option so you need to start searching for alternative fuel choice for the forging process. The biggest problem with coal is its availability.

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