what to do with coal room in basement

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  • Can you remove coal from a basement furnace?

  • Removing coal from a furnace located in a basement might sound easy, especially if you have not used the durance in a while. However, fires are common when you remove coal because the proper precautions are not taken in case the coal still has hot embers.

  • How do you get coal out of a mine?

  • Shovel the coal into a metal bucket with a coal shovel until the bucket approximately is three-quarters full. Do not use a plastic bucket or plastic bag as they can melt or catch fire. Fill the bucket with hose water to wet the coal.

  • How can I make my basement look more welcoming?

  • A waterproofing specialist will be able to advise on which systems are most suitable 鈥?the Basement Waterproofing Association is a good place to find one. External light wells, topped by a grille or walk-on glazing (usually opaque to preserve privacy) can channel daylight down to windows.

  • Is there a coal chute in the Cross House?

  • The original basement drawings show no evidence of a boiler, a coal chute, or a coal room: The Cross House basement. There are a lot of windows. Not all were actually built as shown.

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