what is coke in coal

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Solid carbonaceous residue

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  • What is the difference between coal and Coke?

  • Coal and coke are common fuels used for household and industrial combustion purposes. Both are present in the natural environment. However, coke is produced by man for the excessive usage. Coal is a fossil fuel similar to natural gas and oil, which is in a solid rock form.

  • How is coking coal made from coal?

  • The coking coal is first crushed, and then it is washed. Afterwards, it is carbonised with the help of coke ovens known as batteries, where coal is heated in the absence of oxygen to remove by-products and produce coke.

  • What is coking coal used for?

  • Coking coal, also known as metallurgical coal, is used to create coke, one of the key irreplaceable inputs for the production of steel.

  • Why is coking coal bad for the environment?

  • Coke making is extremely problematic from an environmental perspective, as many of the hydrocarbons driven off during the coking process are hazardous. Also, not all types of coal are suitable for the production of coke. The impurities in coal affects the quality of coke produced.

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