what is coal tar sealer

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Syrupy, black liquid

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  • What is co-coal tar sealer?

  • Coal Tar is a syrupy, black liquid that is derived from coal and the by-product steel making process it is the most commonly used sealer in the industry. It is widely available and is an economical choice as it can be diluted with water and then mixed with other mineral ingredients.

  • What is the difference between coal tar sealer and asphalt sealer?

  • Asphalt-based sealer requires higher temperatures to become fluid than does coal tar sealers. It requires higher temperatures for asphalt particles to come together to form a continuous film, which is why asphalt sealers can’t be applied unless the temperature is at least 50F.

  • How much area does a gallon of coal tar sealer cover?

  • Coal Tar Pavement Sealer Exhibits Outstanding Fuel Resistance. 50 to 60 square feet per gallon for two coats depending on age, pavement porosity, and method of application. * Colors may vary slightly from actual product. SealMaster Coal Tar Sealer is a coal tar emulsion sealer designed to protect and beautify asphalt pavement surfaces.

  • Does the Brewer Company sell coal tar sealer?

  • The Brewer Co. produces both coal tar sealer and asphalt-based sealer, but sells the asphalt-based sealer to retailers in 5 gallon pails and coal tar emulsion to contractors in bulk. The Brewer Co. only offers a blended product to contractors if coal tar is hard to come by.

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