what is coal chemical formula

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  • What is the equation for the combustion of coal?

  • In this equation, C represents the carbon in the coal, which reacts with air, represented by O2, to form carbon dioxide, or CO2. When coal combustion occurs in an environment low on oxygen, the equation C + CO2 = 2CO may result. During this reaction, carbon and carbon dioxide react to form carbon monoxide.

  • What is the chemical composition of coal?

  • Until the twentieth century chemists knew very little about the composition and molecular structure of the different kinds of coal, and as late as the 1920s they still believed that coal consisted of carbon mixed with hydrogen-containing impurities. Their two methods of analyzing or separating coal into its components, destructive distillati…

  • What is the classification of coal by rank?

  • The classification of coal by rank is based on these changes鈥攊.e., as coalification proceeds, the amount of volatile matter gradually decreases and the amount of fixed carbon increases.

  • How do you explain the structure of coal?

  • The coal structure can be explained by a cross-linked, three-dimensional macromolecular model, that is, the coals (especially the bituminous high rank coals) have lattice structures.

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