what is coal bed methane used for

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What Is Coal Bed Methane Used for?Power Generation. In the last few decades,CBM has become increasingly used as a source of energy in North America. …Manufacturing. CBM can also be used as a feedstock for manufacturing fertilizers and plastics.Transportation. …

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  • Can coal bed methane be used as natural gas?

  • Methane, CH 4, is the main component of natural gas, so extracted coal bed methane can be used as natural gas. Although it tends to be more difficult to access than conventional gas, coal bed methane is becoming a significant energy source.

  • What is co-coal bed methane?

  • Coal bed methane (CBM) is an unconventional form of natural gas found in coal deposits or coal seams. It is a primary clean energy source of natural gas. The development and utilization of CBM is of great social and economic benefit.

  • What is coalbed methane and how is it formed?

  • What is coalbed methane? Most coal has some methane (the main component of natural gas) trapped inside it. This methane is produced during the coal formation process and gets trapped on the surface of the coal in tiny pores and fractures. 1 Many coalbeds also contain large amounts of water; the pressure from this water keeps the methane in place.

  • What happens after the coal bed methane gas is removed?

  • After the coal bed methane gas is removed, the coal seam remains and can be mined later on. One major issue in trying to extract this kind of methane is the amount of water that must be removed from the coal seam in order to remove any significant quantities of methane.

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