what does heaping coals of fire on his head mean

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  • Will he heap coals of fire on his head?

  • The expression in Romans 12:20, 鈥淔or in so doing [good] you will heap coals of fire on his head鈥?must fit in with the context of loving our enemies. Your Bible might have that verse in italics or inset.

  • What does 鈥渂urning coals on the head of the enemy鈥?mean?

  • In conclusion, the meaning of the phrase 鈥渂urning coals鈥?on the head of the enemy is to respond to evil with the good that the wrongdoer may be brought to repentance. By returning evil, I think of the benefit of the enemy 鈥?the change of the enemy into a brother in Christ.

  • How is being kind to our enemies like 鈥渉eaping coals of fire?

  • Being kind to our enemies is like 鈥渉eaping coals of fire on their head鈥?in that it will produce repentant prayer to God, which is like the sweet aroma from burning incense on coals rising to the throne of God. In conclusion, repaying a person who has done us evil with good is like 鈥渉eaping burning coals of fire on his head鈥?in that:

  • What does it mean to carry coals on your head?

  • Sometimes a person鈥檚 fire went out and he needed to borrow some live coals to restart his fire. Giving a person coals in a pan to carry home 鈥渙n his head鈥?was a neighborly, kind act; it made friends, not enemies.

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