what can i use instead of coal

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  • Can you use charcoal instead of coal in recipes?

  • They are both used in the same ways, torches or other recipes that use coal won’t be different if you use charcoal instead. The only exception is coal blocks, which can only be crafted using coal, not charcoal.

  • Can I use charcoal instead of coal for nyd?

  • You can go first footing with coal on NYD, but charcoal might seem a bit lightweight. BBQ charcoal is specially heated to remove chemical impurities, using house coal as a substitute could poison you or turn you into the toxic avenger.

  • How do you get charcoal in Minecraft without coal?

  • Luckily, charcoal is an alternative to coal that can be easily obtained. Mine at least four blocks of wood. Find a tree, then click and hold your mouse over the tree’s trunk until a block of wood breaks. Repeat this for each block of wood you mine. Open the crafting menu.

  • Why should we use natural gas instead of coal?

  • Why Use Natural Gas Instead of Coal 1 Different Pollution Percentages. While it鈥檚 hard to go completely green without sacrifice, using natural gas as a main natural resource is taking our planet in the right direction. 2 The Health Advantage. … 3 Environmental Concern. …

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