is there such a thing as clean coal

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  • What is 鈥渃lean coal鈥?

  • The dream of clean coal is about capturing carbon dioxide before it escapes into the air. 鈥淐arbon capture and storage鈥?(CSS) systems would use 鈥?scrubbers 鈥?to clean the emissions before release.

  • Is coal really dead?

  • With or without the clean power plan, the overwhelming evidence shows that coal is dying. Natural gas is already cheaper, and a report commissioned by Energy Secretary Rick Perry recently said as much.

  • Is coal power good or bad for the environment?

  • And it still wouldn鈥檛 be great for humans. That鈥檚 because in addition to carbon dioxide, coal powered plants emit a host of noxious pollutants. For example, each year, coal fired plants pump out 146,000 tons of PM2.5 pollution, a form of particulate matter roughly 40 times smaller than a grain of sand.

  • Can coal be reshaped to save the environment?

  • It’s the idea that coal鈥攐ur oldest, dirtiest energy source 鈥攃ould be reshaped in a way that lets us keep using it without doing so much harm to the environment. But what is it, exactly?

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