is coal still mined in the uk

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  • What happened to coal mining in the UK?

  • In 1981, the country was producing 128 million tonnes of coal a year. But the closure of collieries from the 1970s onwards meant the industry collapsed, with figures by Statista showing the number of people employed in mining fell from one million in 1920 to 2,000 in 2015.

  • Is coal still needed in the UK?

  • The last deep mine in the UK closed in 2015 and all coal-fired power stations will close by 2025. Banks insists five million tons of coal is still needed in Britain for the steel and cement industries. But most of it is imported from Russia while potential sites in the UK remained untapped.

  • What is happening to UK mining and quarrying non-coal production?

  • UK mining and quarrying non-coal production has been broadly flat in recent years while coal production volumes have consistently fallen for the past three decades. Figure 1. GVA of UK mining and quarrying (excluding oil and gas) 1990鈥?018

  • How big is the UK鈥檚 coal industry?

  • To give you an idea of the scale of the industry, at the height of its production in 1913 the UK was spitting out 287 million tonnes of coal . By 2009, that figure was 17.8 million tonnes. It dropped to just 1.7 million tonnes in 2020 [PDF].

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