is coal required to make steel

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Coking coal

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  • How is coal used to make steel?

  • Steel is an essential material for modern life and global steel production is dependent on coal – 70% of steel produced uses coal. Metallurgical coal 鈥?or coking coal 鈥?is a vital ingredient in the steel making process. Coking coal is converted to coke by driving off impurities to leave almost pure carbon. The coking coal is crushed and washed.

  • How much coal energy is needed for steel-making?

  • The energy value of the type of coal used for steelmaking is about 8 megawatt hours (MWh) per tonne. So each tonne of 鈥榥ew鈥?steel has typically required about 6 MWh in the process of getting from iron ore to a finished steel product, such as coil used for making the exteriors of cars. The coal energy needed for steel-making is therefore

  • Can steel be made without coal?

  • So, steel can be made without metallurgical coal. And green steel made from renewable-generated hydrogen may one day be affordable. Until then, lower-cost innovations such as HydroMOR can help bridge the gap between today鈥檚 use of metallurgical coal and tomorrows hydrogen future.

  • What is metallurgical coal?

  • Metallurgical coal, also called metcoal or coking coal, is a type of coal that is used in the production of steel. It is of a higher purity than thermal coal which is used in energy generation. To make steel, metcoal is heated at around 1100 degrees C to remove water and other chemicals.

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