is coal power clean

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  • Can coal be cleaned without burning it?

  • Researchers have discovered a stunning new process that takes the energy from coal without burning it — and removes virtually all of the pollution. The clean coal technique was developed by scientists at The Ohio State University, with just $5 million in funding from the federal government, and took 15 years to achieve.

  • What is 鈥榗lean coal?

  • There is no precise definition of clean coal. The coal industry鈥檚 main lobbying group claims the term was coined by Congress in the 1980s. It has since been popularized by the energy industry to describe a whole range of technologies, including carbon capture utilization and storage (CCUS).

  • What are the economics of coal power in the US?

  • The US is actually one of the cheapest places to build an advanced coal-fired power plant. Domestic coal is high-quality and plentiful, capital is easily available, and cost estimates are based on running plants 鈥?and generating income 鈥?85% of the year. Outside of the US, the economics of coal power are often worse.

  • Is coal the future of energy?

  • Experts from places like the International Energy Agency, Oxford University and the Clean Air Task Force say it must. Globally, coal is typically the cheapest, most readily available fuel鈥攅specially in developing countries鈥攁nd coal consumption is expected to rise 18 percent by 2040.

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