is coal considered a rock

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  • Is coal an organic rock or mineral?

  • So yes, coal is classified as an organic sedimentary rock, and yes, rocks are supposed to be made of minerals and minerals can鈥檛 be organic. Why is coal not a mineral quizlet? Coal is not a mineral because it is carbon-based and came from fossilized plants.

  • Is coal a sedimentary rock or a detrital rock?

  • Shale is an argillaceous rock, and argillaceous rocks are detrital sedimentary rocks [1]. They are composed of clays and the bedding plane within the shales is due to the orientation of the clay minerals [1]. Clearly a sedimentary rock. Coal however, as you state in your question is derived from organic material – vegetation.

  • Is coal a fossil?

  • It is made up of organic components; specifically, plant matter that has been buried in an anoxic, or non-oxygenated, environment and compressed over millions of years. Because it is organic, coal defies the normal standards of classification for rocks, minerals, and fossils: A fossil is any evidence of life that has been preserved in rock.

  • How is CO2 coal different from other rocks?

  • Coal differs from every other kind of rock in that it is made of organic carbon: the actual remains, not just mineralized fossils, of dead plants. Today, the vast majority of dead plant matter is consumed by fire and decay, returning its carbon to the atmosphere as the gas carbon dioxide.

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