is coal ash good for your garden

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  • Should you use coal ash and wood in your garden?

  • Wood and coal ash each have nutrient properties. But should they be used on the garden? Catherine Mansley, BBC Gardeners鈥?World Magazine, explains all, in our Quick Tips video. Evergreen burgundy foliage is covered with fragrant flowers in early spring.

  • Is charcoal ash good for plants?

  • Ash from charcoals can benefit your plants in several ways. Ash is nothing more than the leftover residue from burning your charcoal. While most people toss it out, ash can serve many different purposes. It鈥檚 an excellent source of lime and potassium. Lime alters the pH level of the soil.

  • Are ashes good for garden soil?

  • Yes, ashes are good for garden soils because they act as fertilizers. However, care should be taken in how and where ashes are placed in the garden. It鈥檚 also worth noting that the source of the ash is important. Ashes can be obtained from both hard and softwood.

  • Is wood ash good for compost?

  • However, large amounts of ashes will burn your plants. We鈥檒l talk more about composting wood ashes in our next point. For now, focus on the fact that wood ashes are a great source of nutrients for your crops when applied correctly. 2. Wood Ash Is Great for Compost

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