is clean coal really clean

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  • Is 鈥渃lean coal鈥?possible?

  • Clean coal is more of an idea than a reality, and many scientists doubt it will ever become an effective countermeasure to the emission of carbon dioxide from fossil fuel combustion. Claim. 鈥淐lean coal technology鈥?currently makes coal a clean source of energy and helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Is coal bad for the environment?

  • That鈥檚 okay, because, neither does clean coal. Coal is the most carbon-rich fuel we have, and when it comes to the amount of climate-killing carbon dioxide it puts into the atmosphere, it鈥檚 filthy. Here鈥檚 how many pounds of CO2 our various fuels generate per million Btu units of energy produced, from greatest to least.

  • Why is coal a good energy source?

  • A combustible rock formed from the chemical transformation of organic plant matter over hundreds of millions of years of burial, coal is a relatively cheap and easy source of energy. Its widespread use powered the industrial revolution, and coal-burning power plants currently provide 33% of all household energy in the States.

  • Can coal be harnessed without burning it?

  • NEW You can now listen to Fox News articles! At a research-scale combustion unit at Ohio State University, engineers are testing a clean coal technology that harnesses the energy of coal chemically, without burning it.

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