is clean coal really clean

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  • What is ‘clean coal’?

  • The phrase refers to technologies that mitigate or avoid pollutants or CO2 emissions generated by converting coal to electric energy, says Jnos M. Ber, professor emeritus of chemical and fuel engineering. Low-cost, easily transportable and widely available, coal is the primary fuel for generating electricity in the US and many other countries.

  • Is coal bad for the environment?

  • That鈥檚 okay, because, neither does clean coal. Coal is the most carbon-rich fuel we have, and when it comes to the amount of climate-killing carbon dioxide it puts into the atmosphere, it鈥檚 filthy. Here鈥檚 how many pounds of CO2 our various fuels generate per million Btu units of energy produced, from greatest to least.

  • Can Co-coal ever be clean enough?

  • Coal-the dirtiest fossil fuel-can never be truly clean. But by capturing the carbon dioxide released by burning it, proponents of the energy say it can be clean enough to meet the large global demand for coal without severely impacting the environment.

  • What are the economics of coal power in the US?

  • The US is actually one of the cheapest places to build an advanced coal-fired power plant. Domestic coal is high-quality and plentiful, capital is easily available, and cost estimates are based on running plants 鈥?and generating income 鈥?85% of the year. Outside of the US, the economics of coal power are often worse.

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