is clean coal an oxymoron

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  • Is 鈥渃lean coal鈥?an uneconomical contradiction?

  • As with other areas in clean energy, government support might allow initially costly technologies to become mature and efficient enough to be marketable. Without that economic viability, 鈥渃lean coal鈥?is indeed an uneconomical contradiction in terms.

  • Is coal still a good source of energy?

  • While advanced industrial nations continue to move away from coal, coal remains an affordable source of energy for many developing economies. It still provides 33.8% of the world’s electricity鈥攖he largest single source, according to Ember’s Global Electricity Review 2021 . Yet global coal generation is falling.

  • How did coal affect the growth of the textile industry?

  • Coal also fueled the 19th-century growth of cloth factories, which increased the demand for Southern cotton and, in turn, quadrupled the number of enslaved people in the United States. 3 鈥淐leaning coal鈥?used to mean picking out impurities or foreign objects by hand.

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