how to use a hookah without coal

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How To UseAHookahWithoutCoal? Load your clay bowl with loosely packed shisha. Put it in the top stem of your hookah. Cover the clay bowl with a steel display or piece of lightweight aluminium foil. Poke numerous openings in the aluminium foil if you choose that course.

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  • How many coals do you need to light hookah?

  • Light two or three coals. There are two types of coals used for hookah. Follow these instructions depending on which one you have: Quick light coals: Hold with tongs over a nonflammable area. Light with a lighter or match until it stops smoking, then wait 10鈥?0 seconds until covered in light gray ash and glowing orange.

  • How to heat a hookah?

  • The first technique uses a foil-covered bowl to heat a hookah. This method is also known as the most conventional way to smoke a hookah. Wrap aluminum foil firmly around the bowl and pierce lots of tiny holes in the top for ventilation.

  • How do you smoke shisha with coals?

  • Transfer the coals to the foil. Place the coals evenly ringing the edge of the foil, or even slightly overhanging the edge. A common mistake is to pile the coals in the center, which can easily char the shisha and create harsh, short-lived smoke.

  • What are the different types of hookah tobacco?

  • There are other, more traditional forms of hookah tobacco besides shisha. These dry leaves are typically harsh, with no added flavors. To smoke them, place the coal directly on the leaves, without using foil.

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