how to use a hookah without coal

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How To UseAHookahWithoutCoal? Load your clay bowl with loosely packed shisha. Put it in the top stem of your hookah. Cover the clay bowl with a steel display or piece of lightweight aluminium foil. Poke numerous openings in the aluminium foil if you choose that course.

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  • How to heat a hookah?

  • The first technique uses a foil-covered bowl to heat a hookah. This method is also known as the most conventional way to smoke a hookah. Wrap aluminum foil firmly around the bowl and pierce lots of tiny holes in the top for ventilation.

  • How to use a hookah shaft?

  • The hookah shaft should be inserted into the glass base. Lower the stem into the water by lowering the shaft into the base. To make the base airtight, a silicone/rubber component should fit around the top. The smoke will become thin and hard to pull if the fit isn鈥檛 airtight.

  • What is shisha and how do you smoke it?

  • Shisha is just tobacco that has been soaked in liquids to give it flavor and thicker smoke. Because these liquids have a tendency to sink to the bottom, give it a short stir to distribute them evenly. If this is your first time using a hookah, try practicing with tobacco-free molasses.

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