how to stoke a coal fire

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Start by building a small fire in the bottom of your stove with some kindling wood. Once the kindling is burning, add some larger pieces of wood to the fire. Once the larger pieces are burning, add a few handfuls of coalto the fire. Stokethe fireoccasionally with a poker so the coalwill burn.

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  • What is the best way to Stoke a fire?

  • Learning the correct way to stoke a fire is beneficial and will prevent you from wasting wood. Stack two split pieces of dry wood parallel in the bottom of the stove. Crumple five sheets of newspaper and place on top of them.

  • How do you start a coal fire with paper?

  • STARTING A COAL FIRE 1. Use paper and dry kindling to start the fire. 2. Add small pieces of hardwood when fire is burning hot. Keep the draft control fully open till a hot fire is established. 3. When a decent bed of red wood embers is built up, start adding coal鈥攕mall amounts at a time.

  • How to start a coal stove or chimney?

  • In most cases the following procedure will start the chimney : Place a small piece of newspaper as far up in your stove or chimney as possible and light it. When it burns and gets pulled up the chimney-then light the coal fire. 3. Never poke or stir the coal fire when starting or at any other time.

  • How do you burn split coals in a wood stove?

  • Poke the red-hot coals with a fire poker. Stir them around so that they form an even bed of coals. Lay two more split pieces of firewood parallel to each other on top the coals. Close the vent on the front of the stove door until it’s half way closed. Wait one hour.

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