how to seal old coal chute

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3. for the chute- get a fan and dry the area inside the coal chute.silicon around the metal grate to seal it. paint some thomson water sealonto the brickwork. install some batons/fibreboard in the chute and put some expanding foam into the gap. 4. for the wall – paint some waterseal onto the paint and repaint it

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  • Do you have a coal chute Under Your Victorian flat?

  • Victorian coal chute – block or leave open? Discussion in ‘ Building ‘ started by kanina4, 2 Jul 2009 . We have an old coal cellar under our Victorian flat – and a coal chute for it by the front door. The cellar is only used for storing stuff. It does smell damp down there, but we’ve never noticed water coming in down there.

  • How do you insulate a coal chute?

  • You can pull the old plaster and lath ceiling down in the cellar which is quite a messy job and then fit insulation panels between the joists which does help with cold problems. Share this content via… The coal chute IS letting water in, that’s why I’m looking to cover it.

  • Is the coal chute letting water in?

  • The coal chute IS letting water in, that’s why I’m looking to cover it. I’m not saying its the only cause of moisture in the cellar but it’s a significant contributor. And I do have a small space at the front of the house – I wouldn’t be daft enough to start cementing slabs to a public pavement!

  • Does your coal chute have airbricks?

  • It has airbricks and all. My husband has discovered that the coal chute is only covered by a metal plate which is easily removed. The actual hole is losely filled with plastic sheets. He’s worried that this hole lets in too much damp and maybe even water (although this has never been confirmed).

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