how to seal old coal chute

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To seal our leaky coal chute and the crack on the tarmac around the stone, we鈥檝e chosen to use a new product 鈥?strong>Gorilla Waterproof Coat Seal*, which is essentially liquid rubber. It can be poured, brushed, or rolled onto cracks and gaps up to 6mm to provide a waterproof seal.

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  • Do you have a coal chute Under Your Victorian flat?

  • Victorian coal chute – block or leave open? Discussion in ‘ Building ‘ started by kanina4, 2 Jul 2009 . We have an old coal cellar under our Victorian flat – and a coal chute for it by the front door. The cellar is only used for storing stuff. It does smell damp down there, but we’ve never noticed water coming in down there.

  • How to fix this chute hole in the wall?

  • It should not be too hard to build a brick wall on the chute, bracket a few courses to the existing walls, then fill the rest of the hole with bricks etc from the outside, fill the hole with concrete, you can even put the cap back or concrete it over. good idea about the sealant. A tube of silicone might save all that brick and concrete work.

  • Does your coal chute have airbricks?

  • It has airbricks and all. My husband has discovered that the coal chute is only covered by a metal plate which is easily removed. The actual hole is losely filled with plastic sheets. He’s worried that this hole lets in too much damp and maybe even water (although this has never been confirmed).

  • How do I stop water from coming down the chute?

  • you only need to do anything if water comes down it. squirt it with a hosepipe, then go into the cellar and look. it ought to have a chain or latch on the underside to prevent it being stolen. Look for a ring like a pdlock fits. I see no benefit in stuffing the chute with plastic bags. Lay newspapers on the chute.

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