how to produce methanol from coal

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The production of methanol from coal holds unique potential as a means of using a technology which is commercially available for producing a versatile fuel that can be used in automobiles, electric power plants, gas turbines, and fuel cells, A methanol-from-coal process involvesgasification of coal to produce synthesis gas (carbon monoxide and hydrogen), followed by catalytic conversionto produce methanol.

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  • How is methanol made from natural gas?

  • On an industrial scale, methanol is predominantly produced from natural gas by reforming the gas with steam and then converting and distilling the resulting synthesized gas mixture to create pure methanol.

  • What is the process of converting coal to methanol?

  • Block diagram of coal-to-methanol process. First, coal is pre-processed by methods such as crushing, sizing and drying to prepare it for the coal gasification process. A coal source must be selected between Martin Lake Texas Lignite, Montana Sub-Bituminous, and Illinois #6 Bituminous.

  • What is the difference between methanol and synthesis gas?

  • This methanol production pathway is a fossil fuel base process and can dramatically result in the emissions of GHGs. On the other hand, synthesis gas is a valuable product and requires an extremely complex process for production. Therefore, an alternative feed for methanol production is necessary.

  • Is methanol production from CO2 a good idea?

  • According to Olah (2005), methanol production from CO 2 is favorable not only for the use of nonfossil fuel sources (unlike syngas), but also because it allows the avoidance of CO 2 sequestration, which is a very expensive process, and offers mitigation of the greenhouse effect by means of an efficient recycling of CO 2.

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