how to prepare coals for grilling

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  • What is the best coal arrangement for a gas grill?

  • The most common coal arrangement by far is a direct fire. This is created when a batch of lit charcoal is spread evenly across the entire charcoal grate. The advantage here is grilling space鈥攁lthough there may be some temperature fluctuations, a full direct fire lets you make use of the entire cooking grate with a fairly even heat across the board.

  • How do you start a charcoal grill with coals?

  • Allow the starter to ignite the coals and let the flames travel to the top of the chimney, burning until all the coals are lit and slightly ashed over, a process that takes about 20 minutes. The kettle grill below works well with a single chimney of charcoal. How to arrange the coals.

  • How do you keep coals from burning on a grill?

  • But you can control how hot the coals on your grill burn by controlling the flow of oxygen, and you do that by opening and closing the vents. Opening the vents allows more oxygen, which produces a hotter grill. Trimming the vents slows the oxygen, which cools the grill.

  • How to use ashed charcoal for grilling?

  • Use a grill mitt to evenly dump the ashed over charcoal onto the charcoal grate. A good way to set-up your grill is to put all of the lit charcoal onto one side of the grill, this way you have a safe zone or a place to do indirect grilling. Place the cooking grate in the grill over the charcoal grate.

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