how to make coal coke

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  • How is coke made from coal?

  • Coal Coke is created by cooking Coal in a Coke Oven. Even though coal coke is produced slowly in the coke oven (2.5 minutes per piece), it is a highly effective fuel as it essentially produces double the heat content of the Coal required to create it.

  • What is coal coke used for in construction?

  • This means that Coal Coke will last twice as long in all applications. Its primary use is in the creation of Steel Ingot in a Blast Furnace, but it also makes a good fuel for the Tunnel Bore or for your Furnaces and Generators/Engines (IC2/Buildcraft).

  • How do you evaluate coal for coke making?

  • The first step in evaluating a coal for coke making is to obtain a chemical analysis. The proximate analysis, heating value, and sulfur usually are obtained, but often it is advisable to have determinations of oxygen and phosphorus. The softening temperature of the ash is also included where clinkering of the ash is likely to be a factor.

  • Is it economically feasible to make coke from coal?

  • Even so, the use of coke from such coals may be economically feasible. Probably the most satisfactory method of determining the suitability of a coal for making coke of required quality is to make a full-scale oven test in which are maintained the carbonizing conditions under which it is proposed to use the coal.

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