how to get fuel for coal power plant cities skylines

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  • How do you get electricity in Cities Skylines?

  • Introduction. Cities Skylines offers different methods to produce electricity. At the start of the game you will only have access to the Wind Turbine and Coal Power Plant. The further you progress the more you unlock! You can construct water based Wind Turbine鈥檚, Oil power plants, Solar Power plants and even nuclear power plants.

  • How do I get more coal in my City?

  • If you are still not getting enough coal imports, try having a small coal industry somewhere in your city, assuming there is coal in the map somewhere. And if worse comes to worse, go wind/solar as it never fails.

  • What is the cheapest power plant to build in Skylines?

  • Cities Skylines offers plenty of diversity in terms of construction cost and upkeep. Wind Turbines are cheap to construct and have extremely little upkeep. At the same time the Oil Power plant is relatively cheap to construct but has insane upkeep.

  • How do I get Oil and coal?

  • Further supplies of oil and coal can be produced by the appropriate regions of specialized industry (for the purposes of the game, coal and ore are equivalent), however they can also be imported. Garbage for incinerators must be collected from within the city. Coal power plants produce energy at 鈧?4/MW, and oil power plants at 鈧?6/MW.

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