how to get black coal in wizard101

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Where do you get black coal in wizard101? Go to thereagent vendor in olde town. He sells black coal and it is very cheap. He also has the saphires. You can also find black coal in the bazaar sometimes.

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  • Where can I buy black coal and Sapphire?

  • Right next to Endora Tangletree, the Novice Crafter (the person who gave you the crafting quest), is Elmer Meadowgrass, the Reagent Vendor. Elmer sells both items: Black Coal for 5 gold pieces and Sapphire for 15. So return to Olde Town to make these purchases.

  • Where can I find ore and Nightshade in Wizard City?

  • Nightshade 鈥?the most common place to find this reagent is in Wizard City, MooShu, and Krokotopia. It鈥檚 found as a rare harvest from deep mushroom and can be transmuted using Transmute Nightshade recipe from Avery Templeton. Ore 鈥?is one of the easiest reagents to farm for in my opinion.

  • How do you get cantrips in Wizard101?

  • Firstly, to get the quest for cantrips, you need to visit Abner K. Doodle in The Commons. I absolutely love that we鈥檙e getting more representation in Wizard101.

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