how to get black coal in wizard101

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Black coal and Sapphires can be purchased from any of thereagent vendors throughout the spiral. You can usually find the vendors near the NPC who gives you the crafting quest. Reagents are divided into three groups, reagents bought from vendors, reagents that are harvested from the ground, and the last kind only drops from creatures.

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  • Where can I buy black coal and Sapphire?

  • Right next to Endora Tangletree, the Novice Crafter (the person who gave you the crafting quest), is Elmer Meadowgrass, the Reagent Vendor. Elmer sells both items: Black Coal for 5 gold pieces and Sapphire for 15. So return to Olde Town to make these purchases.

  • How to get scrap iron in Wizard101?

  • Scrap iron can be found as a normal harvest in various worlds and locations. It is also attainable from fishing chests, mobs, gardening, and transmuting. scrap iron wizard101 While farming for any reagents in a particular area, it鈥檚 advised to switch realms.

  • Where can I find ore and Nightshade in Wizard City?

  • Nightshade 鈥?the most common place to find this reagent is in Wizard City, MooShu, and Krokotopia. It鈥檚 found as a rare harvest from deep mushroom and can be transmuted using Transmute Nightshade recipe from Avery Templeton. Ore 鈥?is one of the easiest reagents to farm for in my opinion.

  • Where can I find scrap iron in khrysalis?

  • The same steps are taken to acquire scrap iron from the West side of the dungeon also works for the East. This is the best place to farm for scrap iron in Khrysalis. It is a large area, be sure to carefully check every corner for reagents. Some may appear hiding at the first glance.

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