how to draw with coal pencil

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  • How to draw with colored pencils?

  • Start filling in the lines of your drawing using just the primary colors of your colored pencils. Next, you will start filling in the drawing with other colors adding more details and shadows. You can use some of the following techniques to create dimension and interest in your sketch.

  • How to use white charcoal pencils?

  • While there are plenty of effective ways to use white charcoal beyond this, it can have an amazing impact on your drawings. Using your white pencil, simply modify your charcoal drawing with highlights. This will build a beautiful contrast on the page.

  • How to use charcoal to draw on paper?

  • Hold the charcoal like a pencil to get sharp edges. If you want to create well-defined lines and edges, holding it like you would normally hold a pencil is your best bet. This stroke allows you to make sure that only the point of the charcoal is coming in contact with the paper. Apply more pressure to your stoke to get a solid, darker line.

  • What is the best way to make a simple drawing?

  • Creating Your Drawing Sketch any geometric shapes with a charcoal pencil. Use compressed charcoal to add defined edges to your drawing. Smudge the charcoal with a blending stump to add shadows. Create a range of dark and light using a kneaded eraser. Shade your drawing with a soft pencil to make it more realistic.

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