how to dispose of hookah coal

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  • What are hookah coals?

  • Hookah Coals 鈥?Complete Guide. Charcoal is the spark of life in the world of hookah. Without heat we have no smoke and you鈥檙e just sucking air through a fancy pipe. These coals come in two major varieties: 鈥淣atural鈥?and 鈥淨uick light鈥? Let鈥檚 start off with one very basic pointer.

  • How to dispose of coal?

  • The first method to dispose of coal is to toss it in the garbage. However, you need to ensure that the coal and ashes have cooled off before you dispose of them.

  • How do you dispose of charcoal after grilling?

  • Once your used charcoal and ash is completely cold, you can throw it away. We recommend wrapping completely in aluminum foil before tossing into a non-combustible outdoor trash receptacle. If you鈥檇 like to re-use partially burned coals to fuel your next grilling session, don鈥檛 extinguish them by submerging in water.

  • How to clean a hookah?

  • Scrub the inside of the stem using a stem brush. A stem brush is a long, thin brush with stiff bristles. You may have received one with your hookah when you originally purchased it; if not, you can buy one anywhere hookahs are sold, or online.

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