how much pressure to turn coal into a diamond

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725,000 pounds per square inch

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  • How much pressure does it take to make a diamond?

  • How Much Pressure Does It Take to Make a Diamond From Coal? How Much Pressure Does It Take to Make a Diamond From Coal? To turn carbon into diamonds, it takes between 237,000 times atmospheric pressure (24 gigapascals) to 1.3 million times atmospheric pressure (136 gigapascals).

  • Why are diamonds harder than coal?

  • Since coal is formed near the surface, the heat and pressure are far less severe. Diamonds require temperatures of about 2200 degrees Fahrenheit, and pressure of about 725,000 pounds per square inch. It is this extreme heat and pressure, followed by cooling, which gives diamonds hardness not found in coal or any other substance.

  • How long does it take to convert coal to Diamond?

  • Conversion of coal to diamonds is a natural process that takes millions of years. Even though there are carbon atoms in coal, the amount of impurities are so high, that it takes millions and millions of years for the coal to transform to its nearly purest form 鈥?graphite. The conversion of graphite to diamonds takes some more millions of years.

  • How are diamonds formed from coal?

  • Diamonds are formed when carbon is under an immense amount of pressure and heat. The carbon atoms found in coal are squeezed and heated, and then pushed toward the earth’s surface, where they cool and become diamonds. Plants are the source material for coal,…

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