how much of us energy is from coal

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19.3 percent

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  • How much coal is used to generate electricity in the US?

  • Coal energy consumption for electricity generation has been in decline for more than a decade, and dropped to 539 million tons in 2019. This was around the same consumption last seen in the 1980’s. By 2050, U.S. coal power generation is expected to have decreased to around 700 terawatt hours. Statistics on the topic

  • Is coal-fired electricity consumption decreasing in the United States?

  • Recently, coal-fired electricity consumption has decreased in the United States from one billion short tons in 2007 to 539.4 million short tons in 2019. Coal energy is primarily used for the electric power sector.

  • How much coal does Texas consume?

  • Texas is one of the largest consumers of coal energy in the country, however, the U.S. has begun to divest away using coal resources due to its environmental impacts. With total consumption of about 12.1 quadrillion British thermal units, the U.S. electric power sector consumed more coal energy than any other sector in 2018.

  • What is the future of coal power in the US?

  • In 2050, U.S. coal power generation is expected to decrease to around 914 terawatt hours. The popularity of coal as an energy source in the U.S. is largely due to its relatively low cost. In 2018, one metric ton of thermal coal cost about 107 U.S. dollars.

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