how much does it cost to extract coal

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  • What is the true cost of coal?

  • The study estimated the full public health cost of coal, in Appalachia alone, at $74.6 billion. The sum effect is that coal costs families through health care and quality-of-life expenditures. By destroying the prospects for other local industries, like tourism, it forces the regional economy to take coal as its center.

  • How much do government subsidies to the coal export industry cost?

  • Coal production subsidies cost Australians $1.8bn a year. Report finds government subsidies to Australian coal export industry lead to uneconomic projects, and cost taxpayers $1.8bn a year. Much has been said and written about the environmental cost of coal subsidies.

  • How do you estimate labor costs for coal mining?

  • The results of Costmine鈥檚 annual labor surveys for Canada and the United States, including wage scales, benefit plans and employment taxes for coal mines to help you estimate labor costs. Current and historical inflation indexes for key mining categories, plus our valuable Coal MCS Indexes.

  • How much coal does Australia produce each year?

  • Australia produces 554,763,963 tons (short tons, st) of Coal per year (as of 2016) ranking 4th in the world. Australia exports 77% of its Coal production (427,044,241 tons in 2016).

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