how much does a train car full of coal weigh

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  • How heavy is a train?

  • How heavy a train is relates to mainly how many cars the locomotive is pulling. A train car weighs between 30-80 tons. Passenger cars like sleepers coaches are heavier than an empty freight car. A train consists of locomotives and cars. In some situations there can be up to 6-8 locomotives for one train, depending on the load and number of cars.

  • How much do locomotives weigh?

  • Of that weight 848 tons (1,869,519 lbs) would be the total weight of the locomotives and 18,340 tons (40,432,778 lbs) the total weight of the loaded grain hopper cars. The average locomotive weights around 210-220 tons (465,000 鈥?480,000 lbs). Of course there are many types/models each with different weight, so let鈥檚 look at some examples.

  • What is the weight limit for steel equipment in coal service?

  • * Majority of steel equipment in coal service is restricted to 131.5 gross weight on rail. Some recently built equipment is capable of 143 tons. ** Required length for rotary gondolas but only required for bottom discharge equipment if equipped with rotary couplers.

  • How much does an Amtrak car weigh?

  • As an example, AmTrak鈥檚 P32AC-DM weighs 274,400 lbs or approximately 124 tons. One Superliner Coach II car weighs 151,235 pounds (68 tons), the Superliner Sleeper II weighs 160,275 which is 72 tons. Following on from the above mentioned specifications.

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