how many coal plants in canada

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  • How many provinces in Canada have coal-fired power plants?

  • Currently 4 provinces operate coal-fired power plants: Alberta, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. Lingan Generating Station photo. This article was published by the Canada Energy Regulator on Jan. 29, 2020.

  • Which Canadian province is the largest consumer of coal?

  • The largest consumers of coal in Canada are Alberta and Ontario. In 1997, Alberta accounted for 47% of Canada’s coal consumption at 26.2 million tonnes, and Ontario accounted for 25% at 13.8 million tonnes. Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick also use coal to generate electricity to varying degrees.

  • What is the future of coal-fired power generation in Canada?

  • Coal-fired power generation declines considerably in the latest Canada Energy Regulator鈥檚 outlook Canada鈥檚 Energy Future 2019 (EF2019). Over the projection period, the share of coal-fired power generation declines from 16 per cent in 2005 to less than 1 per cent in 2040.

  • What is the largest coal mine in Canada?

  • Highvale Mine has five pits licensed, delivering low-sulphur coal to TransAlta鈥檚 Sundance, Keephills and Keephills 3 thermal generating plants. It is Canada鈥檚 largest surface-strip coal mine. Paintearth Mine. Location: Forestburg, Alberta. Owner: Westmoreland Mining LLC. Annual production: 2.7 million tonnes

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