how many coal mines are in west virginia

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  • How many people work in the coal industry in West Virginia?

  • In 2017, 13,22 people were working in West Virginia’s coal industry in total. Of that number, more than 10,000 of the employees worked in underground coal mines. Coal-mining in West Virginia totaled 15,490 jobs in 2015, with 12,555 jobs located in underground mines and 2,935 jobs dedicated to surface mines.

  • How many mines are there in West Virginia?

  • West Virginia has 176 identified mines listed in The Diggings鈩? The most commonly listed primary commodities in West Virginia mines are Iron , Manganese , and Aluminum .

  • What was the significance of the WV mine strike of 1880?

  • It would be the first of many coal mining strikes in West Virginia. It was the first time the West Virginia militia was used to stop a coal mine strike and set a president for the handling of future mine strikes. In the 1880s, because most of the mines were located too far from established towns, many mining operators built company towns.

  • What happened to the West Virginia coalfields?

  • A coal train moves through Thurmond, WV, once a prosperous coal mining town, now abandoned. Photo: kartografia via Flickr CC In the West Virginia coalfields 鈥?on the edge of which my aunt and uncle live, and where I spent holidays and vacations as a kid 鈥?the economic mood ranges from depressed to apocalyptic.

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