how many coal mines are in illinois

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  • What is the history of coal mining in Illinois?

  • For much of the 19th and 20th centuries, the coal-mining industry thrived in the state’s southern section, which sits atop a 400-mile-long coal- and oil-rich geological formation called the Illinois Basin. At its peak in the 1920s, Illinois mines employed approximately 100,000 workers and produced 100 million tons of coal annually.

  • What is the coal mines in Illinois viewer?

  • The Coal Mines in Illinois Viewer illustrates a general depiction of underground mining in the state and will help determine the proximity of coal mines and underground industrial mines to your home or business. Please follow the instructions below for using the viewer and linking to additional map products that contain more information.

  • Where can I find old underground mine maps of Illinois?

  • In cooperation with the Illinois State Geological Survey, the Office of Mines and Minerals (a division of the Department of Natural Resources) is in search of old underground mine maps of Illinois. Many of the undocumented maps are believed to be in libraries, historical societies and personal files of old mine employees.

  • What are the coal mine maps?

  • The Coal Mine Maps are maps compiled by the ISGS of known mines: underground and surface coal mines as well as underground industrial mines. Buffer regions for industrial mineral underground mines were incorporated into the maps due to limited information regarding these mines.

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