how many coal jobs in the us

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  • How many coal mining jobs are there in the US?

  • Of all U.S. coal-producing regions, the Appalachian region held a significant portion of available coal-mining jobs. The total number of coal-mining employment in the United States reached 42,117 jobs in 2020.

  • How many people work in the coal industry in Wyoming?

  • Figures have been in decline since 2010, when the state employed just over 21 thousand people. By comparison, there were 4,867 jobs in this industry in Wyoming in 2020. In 2012, West Virginia and Kentucky held the most coal-mining jobs in the United States, totaling 22,786 jobs and 16,531 jobs, respectively.

  • Is the US coal industry in decline?

  • Coal鈥檚 decline as an energy source is one of a few government data points that show the decline of coal in the United States. Coal mining jobs have decreased since April 1985, when the industry employed 178,300 people, or one in 544 nonfarm jobs.

  • How many coal-dependent jobs are there in the US?

  • This estimate of approximately 400,000 U.S. coal-dependent jobs is supported by other research findings. For example, a study for the U.S. Department of Energy analyzed the current state of the U.S. coal industry and jobs.

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