how many coal fired power plants in canada

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  • How much of Canada鈥檚 electricity comes from coal?

  • In 2005, coal generated approximately 16 per cent of electricity in Canada. By 2016, that number dropped to 9 per cent. Yet coal-fired electricity is responsible for 72 per cent of Canada鈥檚 greenhouse gas emissions from the electricity sector.

  • How many coal-fired power plants are in Ontario?

  • In 2001, Ontario generated 37,000 Gigawatt hours of electricity from coal. As of 2008, Ontario had four coal-fired fuel stations: Nanticoke, Lambton, Thunder Bay, and Atikokan. Together they account for approximately sixteen per cent of Ontario’s generating capacity.

  • What is the future of coal-fired power generation in Canada?

  • Coal-fired power generation declines considerably in the latest Canada Energy Regulator鈥檚 outlook Canada鈥檚 Energy Future 2019 (EF2019). Over the projection period, the share of coal-fired power generation declines from 16 per cent in 2005 to less than 1 per cent in 2040.

  • Why did the number of coal-fired power plants close in 2018?

  • More recently, 227GW has closed due to a wave of retirements across the EU and US. Combined with a rapid slowdown in the number of new plants being built, this means the number of coal units operating around the world fell for the first time in 2018, Carbon Brief analysis suggests.

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