how is coal removed from the earth

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Underground mining

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  • How is coal extracted from the Earth?

  • When the hole is large enough, the miners dig down to the next layer of coal. Each layer is called a bench. Huge excavators extract the coal. The biggest of these machines is 240 meters long (longer than two soccer stadiums) and 96 meters high (equivalent to a 38-story building).

  • What happens to coal after it is mined?

  • Once the coal has been removed from the mine, from either of the techniques, it is taken to a preparation plant. This plant is located near the site of mining. Here the coal is cleaned and processed. All the unwanted material like dirt, sulphur, ash, and debris is removed from the coal. This increases the value of the coal.

  • How is coal cut out of the rock?

  • The coal itself is cut out from rocks using machinery. It is brought to the top using massive conveyor systems. Very deep coal mines are outfitted with elevator shafts so that miner and coal can move to and fro from the point of excavation to the surface.

  • What are the two most basic techniques of extraction of coal?

  • Coal Mining 鈥揟he 2 Most Basic Techniques Of Extraction 1 Strip mining 2 Auger Mining 3 Open-pit mining 4 Mountain removal mining More …

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